The Foxes lift the Premier League trophy against all odds. Michael Regan/GettyImages.

Looking back in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency, it strikes me that 2016 was, if nothing else, a year of historic upsets. There was Trump. There was Brexit. But perhaps the most surprising of all: atop the English Premier League, there was Leicester City.

Four years earlier, that last shock wouldn’t have even been on my radar. I was 15 years old in 2012, and, for perspective, I once had to ask my Spanish teacher what Real Madrid was. Never mind that Los Blancos are one of the most popular teams worldwide; I wouldn’t have known the Castilian giants…

Are we witnessing the emergence of a Post-Spectrum Politics? (Or has it been so all along?)

What with all of the fallout of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it might be easy to forget that the U.S. intends to elect a President this November. At this point, it seems almost guaranteed that the matchup will be between the incumbent, President Donald Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden. …

The post-COVID workplace will look different. Your career could, too.

Red curtains framing an empty stage
Red curtains framing an empty stage
It’s about to be curtains up on your new career!

One of the most widely-felt facets of COVID fallout is the collateral job loss experienced by 36 million or more Americans. As a bank worker, I can personally advise that this has introduced a great deal of stress into the lives of many. But if we can take our eyes off of the short-term for a short time, we just might be able to anticipate something in the offing:

Recruiters are about to have a field day.

And I say this fully knowing (anecdotally, at least) that more than a handful of those furloughed due to COVID are under (in…

Nick Boonstra

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